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Givaudan Flavour Ingredients: GFI

Experience best-in-class ingredients in your formulation to create memorable moments for consumers

Centuries of experience in a wide range of ingredients, from flavourings and essential oils to nutritional, functional and colours has led to the creation of a forward-looking Givaudan team focused on your creation needs.

Introducing GFI

Givaudan Flavour Ingredients (GFI) brings together Givaudan’s highest quality ingredients and the best of Ungerer and Naturex, which are now both part of Givaudan. Powered by a team of global sales, marketing and innovation specialists, GFI enables you to put our accumulated knowledge and quality to work in your products.

A bold combination of innovative discoveries and scientific advancements from Givaudan, GFI builds on our strength in flavours and the ingredients used in their making. This, combined with the far-reaching expansion of our portfolio, along with the products, skills, and tools gained through our acquisitions, creates an unparalleled collection for your formulation needs.

Backed by Givaudan’s industry leading and recognised regulatory rigor and global compliance, you can have confidence in the sourcing, ethics and quality of every ingredient in our offering.

Bringing the best of food and beverage ingredients

Bringing the best of food and beverage ingredients

The GFI portfolio

Our multi-faceted portfolio includes everything from functional and nutritional to differentiating flavourings with best-in-class ingredients, recognised in kitchens worldwide.


Our solutions


Benefits of partnering with GFI

Our team is focused on delivering a superior customer experience through innovation, collaboration, and service to offer you:

  • Simplified touchpoints
  • Well connected, knowledgeable ingredients team
  • Meaningful innovation

For more information on how GFI can help with your product creation and development contact us.