A never-ending passion for citrus

Givaudan Flavour’s TasteTrek® programme is key to exploring citrus. This truly global programme dates back to 2006 when we began working in the University of California’s Citrus Variety Collection. Nearly ten years later, Givaudan’s collaboration with UCR typifies our ongoing commitment to both the University and citrus.
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More than any other flavour family, citrus holds a special place in Givaudan’s heart. Ours is a global quest, spanning decades and touching on all regions of the world to discover, define and develop commercial innovations in citrus. Collaboration with the University of California, Riverside (UCR) in the USA typifies Givaudan’s commitment to showing how serious we are about citrus.

Right around the world, citrus is a staple of people’s daily diet. It is the perfect healthy snack; a critical ingredient in cooking; and undoubtedly the No. 1 base for beverages, from fizzy drinks to juices, teas and even alcoholic drinks. Citrus is ‘a flavour for all seasons’, and Givaudan’s objective is to help ensure its sustainable availability for a global market that constantly seeks new ways to enjoy citrus.   

Strategic exploration, local perspectives

Givaudan’s TasteTrek® programme is key to exploring citrus. This truly global programme brings the essence of citrus alive, and dates back to 2006, when Givaudan began working in the University of California’s Citrus Variety Collection. entering its 10th Anniversary year, TasteTrek® Citrus has evolved and expanded, with treks occurring regularly in California, Brazil and Italy. Along with UCR, we also partner in Treks with Centro Sylvio Moriera and the Oscar Tintori collection, in Argentina, India, China and Japan.

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The jewel of citrus collaborations

The partnership with UCR is without question a jewel in the crown of our citrus research. Citrus production in California dates back to the mid-1800s, and UCR is now in its third century of citrus research, preservation and production.

Since Givaudan launched its TasteTrek® programme with UCR a decade ago, more than 30 Givaudan flavourists and flavour scientists from across the globe have participated in the Treks. Marissa, Global Marketing Head Sweet Goods and Beverages, underlines the contribution the relationship with UCR has made to Givaudan’s comprehensive citrus palette. “In the groves at UCR, customers and flavourists are able to explore the unique flavour nuances of non-commercial citrus fruits, experiencing the cultural diversity of citrus. Over 200 fruits have been evaluated and over 70 fruits fully analysed for chemical composition. We turn this invaluable research into commercial solutions that surprise and delight consumers, worldwide.”

Dr Tracy Kahn, curator of the UCR Citrus Variety Collection
Dr Tracy Kahn, curator of the UCR Citrus Variety Collection

Givaudan has closely collaborated with Dr Tracy Kahn, the curator of the UCR Citrus Variety Collection. Dr Kahn leads a team of experts in citrus that has enabled TasteTrek® and Givaudan’s broader citrus programme to thrive:

Commenting on the partnership with Givaudan, Dr Kahn notes: “My work with Givaudan has been both important for the sustainability of citrus and the UCR’s Citrus Variety Collection, and fascinating in that they can provide consumers the world over with flavours inspired by fruits from our grove.”

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Marking the moment with a donation

Givaudan marked the tenth anniversary of its collaboration with UCR by completing a donation of USD 1 million for the endowment of ‘The Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Chair’, which will help support and maintain the Citrus Variety Collection in perpetuity.

Dawn, Global Product Manager Citrus for Givaudan, underlines the significance of the award: “The donation and the endowment of the chair really demonstrate our commitment to UCR and to providing customers and their consumers the best in citrus. For nearly a decade we have worked hand-in-hand with the amazing UCR team, exploring, tasting, analysing and developing. We are proud to support UCR and all the work they do with citrus and we look forward continuing our collaboration for many years to come!”

Citrus Grove at University of California, Riverside (UCR)
Citrus Grove at University of California, Riverside (UCR), USA