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Givaudan strengthens capabilities and solutions for natural cheese and dairy flavours

Cincinnati, OH – Givaudan Flavours has developed a series of proprietary natural ingredients that enrich the company’s TasteEssentials™ toolbox for Cheese Flavours.  According to Minerva Calatayud, Givaudan’s Global Product Manager for Dairy and Cheese: “All of these ingredients are considered natural (except in Japan) and contain only dairy components.” Calatayud further stated, “Consumers are seeking variety and authentic eating experiences. These ingredients, for the first time, enable manufacturers to provide consumers with specific varietal cheese characteristics such as Emmental or Camembert, in a variety of products like sauces, dressings, process cheese, seasonings, and snacks. “

The addition of these unique natural ingredients to the TasteEssentials™ programme demonstrates Givaudan’s ongoing commitment to provide taste solutions that meet consumer taste expectations. In recent years, Givaudan has made significant investment to enhance its capabilities in cheese flavours. The acquisitions of International Bio Flavors, FIS, and Quest have all provided knowledge, technology, and expertise that has complemented decades of experience in both Cheese and Dairy flavours. TasteEssentials™ uses consumer and market insight to guide Givaudan’s creative and technical innovation to fulfill any cheese flavour requirement. Givaudan also has Cheese and Dairy experts around the world, who are knowledgeable of local tastes, customs, and regulatory demands. This in-depth knowledge, combined with Givaudan’s innovation in fermentation, enzymology, fat perception research and process optimization, ensures unparalleled flavour performance for food manufacturers, and an authentic eating experience for consumers.

Andreas Haenni, Head of the Savoury segment at Givaudan, notes “Our TasteEssentials™ programme enables Givaudan’s flavourists to develop taste solutions that please both our customers and their consumers.  For example, we respond to consumers’ health concerns by providing the right taste for low fat products, fortified products, soy products or dairy analogs.  And we can help food producers achieve cost stability and consistency in flavour profile by replacing dairy commodities with concentrated flavours.”   He adds, “The development of our new proprietary ingredients for cheese flavours is another example of our commitment to help our customers achieve greater market success with consumer-winning products.”